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Some things are so valuable to our lives and purposes that we should guard them jealously and never lose them. One of such things is our spiritual endowment called the anointing. When Jesus read Luke 4:8-21 to the people in the synagogue, He highlighted His mission on Earth; to preach the gospel to the poor, to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, the recovering of sight to the blind and to set at liberty those that were bruised. He added that He was to do all those works by using the anointing the Father placed upon him.

Therefore, we can safely conclude that the anointing was very important for the success of Jesus’ mission and the fulfillment of His destiny. Dear believer, the anointing God has given you is to fulfill your divine assignment.

When Saul of Kish, the first king of Israel lost his anointing, an evil spirit began to torment him. He became a pawn in the chessboard of the devil and his demons. Disgrace replaced grace in his life. When the same Saul lost the anointing, he found himself in total blackout.

Whatever spiritual or physical gift the Lord blesses you wit, make sure you develop intimacy with Him and make your relationship with Him grow deeper on a daily basis. By so doing, the enemy and his cohorts will not be able to harm you or steal your anointing and any other thing that is precious to your life and eternity.